• Vauxhall adds UNLIMITED and ROCKS UNLIMITED to popular ADAM range
  • Trim levels combine existing ADAM options for unprecedented levels of personalisation
  • Vehicle-integrated wireless charging for mobile devices now available


Luton – Vauxhall has updated its popular ADAM range further with the introduction of UNLIMITED and ROCKS UNLIMITED trim variants.

Incorporating options from the existing JAM, GLAM and SLAM models, the new variants will provide drivers with more personalisation options than ever before.

The ADAM UNLIMITED and ROCKS UNLIMITED allow the customer to personalise their model from all existing:

  • Exterior and roof colours
  • Wheel sizes and styles
  • Interior trims and foils
  • Technology options


With all options available in virtually any combination, customers can design an ADAM that is truly personal to them.

Available from £12,260 on-the-road, the ADAM UNLIMITED offers generous levels of standard equipment, including 16-inch Titan triple cross alloy wheels, daytime running lights, cruise control, climate control and Bluetooth connectivity. A leather-covered steering wheel with audio controls and connectivity options including USB and aux-in sockets add to the driver’s comfort and convenience.

Elsewhere in the range, the ADAM ROCKS UNLIMITED is available from £15,875 on-the-road and includes the same level of standard equipment as the ADAM UNLIMITED, plus additional design and convenience features. Externally, ROCKS UNLIMITED adds

Anthracite-coloured protective mouldings for wheel arches

  • Lower door and side sills
  • Anthracite front and rear bumpers with visible underbody protection
  • Dark tinted rear windows
  • 15mm increased ride height
  • Electric folding canvas roof
  • Chrome upper side window moulding
  • Chrome effect door sill covers
  • Chrome isert in door handles
  • LED daytime running lights and LED rear tail lights


On the inside, drivers benefit from having improved technology through OnStar, Vauxhall’s innovative personal connectivity and service assistant system that becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to seven devices.

Wireless Charging

Vauxhall now offers vehicle-integrated wireless charging in the ADAM range, enabling the driver, or passengers, to recharge a mobile device via an electromagnetic field. Reducing clutter and the need for cables, the user only needs to place the device on the integrated charger and wireless charging will begin immediately.

With wireless charging, Vauxhall OnStar, award-winning IntelliLink infotainment technology, CarPlay and Android Auto phone projection, the ADAM keeps its drivers connected like never before.

“Our IntelliLink infotainment technology made its debut in the ADAM, which is the perfect example of how much technology and individuality can be packed into a small car,” said Ian Mitchell, Vauxhall’s ADAM Brand Manager. “Now with wireless charging as well as Vauxhall OnStar, we are taking our in-car technology to an unprecedented level.”

Wireless charging (also known as inductive charging) uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects via a charging station. Energy is sent through an inductive coupling to an electronic device, which can then use that energy to charge the battery or run the device.

The wireless charger in the ADAM is compatible with the “Qi” and “Powermat” interface standards and it is located in the centre console in front of the gear stick. Drivers can keep their hands on the steering wheel and, using Bluetooth, can pair their phone to the vehicle to make calls or stream music while the device is safely secured and charging.

Wireless charging is available as an option for £150 on UNLIMITED models only.