Dry Vanuary: British Van Drivers Embracing Healthier Lifestyles | Media Vauxhall UK

Dry Vanuary: British Van Drivers Embracing Healthier Lifestyles


  • New research by Vauxhall reveals van drivers are becoming more health-concious


With millions of Brits taking part in initiatives like Dry January and Veganuary this month to improve their health and wellbeing, inspiration can be taken from the nation’s van drivers, who are embracing healthier habits all year round, according to new research by Vauxhall Motors. 

The research, which reflects the views of more than 1,100 van drivers in the UK, reveals that many drivers are becoming increasingly health-conscious with nearly two fifths (37%) cutting back on alcohol in the last year more than a fifth (22%) cutting down or quitting smoking. The sacred ‘van lunch’ is being given a shake up too, with more than a third (34%) of van drivers starting to cook healthier meals in a bid to improve their diet and lifestyle.

The Vauxhall Motors research also reveals that, in the past year, over a fifth (21%) of van drivers have tried alcohol-free beer or wine and almost two in ten (19%) have eaten meat free alternatives such as Quorn or jackfruit or vegan sausage rolls (20%). Other moves to improve their health include over a third (37%) of van drivers exercising at least once a week.

Patrick Fourniol, Marketing Director at Vauxhall Motors, comments: “Van drivers often spend a lot of time at the wheel which can make it trickier to prioritise healthy eating and exercise, but our research shows many are making it a priority. 

“With best in class fuel economy, the new Vivaro has also cut CO2 emissions.  2020 is looking to be an exciting year, both for Vauxhall on a whole, but also for our customers. With the new fully electric Vivaro launching at the end of this year, it’s great to see that so many van drivers have already taken steps to improve their lifestyles, and we hope they’ll continue to do so moving forward.”

Vauxhall Motors has partnered with anarchist chef, George Egg, who is touring the UK in the brand-new Vauxhall Vivaro to provide hardworking tradesmen and women with healthy fusion dishes to keep them going this year. George will be serving up culinary delights such as a ‘Full English Salad’ and a ‘Vegan Paper Shredder Tagliatelle’ after the survey found that a third (31%) of respondents wished they could eat healthier during their working week. 

The new Vauxhall Vivaro starts from £23,573.33 ex VAT. For more information on the new Vauxhall Vivaro visit: https://www.vauxhall.co.uk/vans/new-vivaro/model-overview.html?